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The Quantlab Group is one of the world’s most successful high-frequency trading organizations. Co-founded in 1998 by Dr. Bosarge and his business partner Bruce P. Eames, Quantlab Financial, LLC develops and deploys (through affiliates) proprietary trading models used on 48 exchanges and other trading venues around the globe. 

Under the leadership of Dr. Bosarge, who serves as Chairman and CEO, the group trades between three and ten percent of the total daily volume on the venues it trades. The Quantlab team, which numbers more than 180 in all, includes a stellar group of scientists and technologists, many of them from non-financial backgrounds – academics from major institutions, software developers from top tech companies, and engineers from leading hardware providers. The firm is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with affiliate offices in London; the San Francisco Bay Area; Boston; Denver; Austin, Texas; and Pleasanton, California. 

Quantlab is a founding member of the Modern Markets Initiative, an industry advocacy group that promotes the benefits of automated trading and its role in creating efficient markets resulting in more transparent pricing and lower trading costs for investors. Additional information is available at www.modernmarkets.org.

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Motivated by his own personal journey to lose weight and improve his overall wellness, Dr. Bosarge founded The Sola Company in 2012 and enlisted his personal chef, Ryan Turner, a culinary expert in low-carbohydrate diets, to help create a healthy sugar replacement that was easy to cook with and didn’t have the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners. 

After two years of testing and development, Chef Turner hit upon a blend of ingredients that, when combined, taste, bake, caramelize, and measure just like sugar. Named Sola, the non-GMO sugar substitute became available to consumers in November 2016.  

Early clinical studies of Sola have shown that it suppresses insulin levels (and, hence, the likelihood of diabetes) by suppressing the amount of fructose and glucose in the bloodstream and suppressing glycemic levels. As a result, Dr. Bosarge expects Sola to play a major role in helping to reduce the over-consumption of sugar and reverse the growing rate of obesity and diabetes. 

Sola will be available through Amazon.com in the near future, and roll out in stores over the course of 2017.

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A passionate believer in the power of regenerative medicine to not only treat disease but also to cure it, Dr. Bosarge launched Black Beret Life Sciences in 2014 to invest in game-changing biotechnology innovation. Since its inception, Black Beret Life Sciences has funded research for treatments based on regenerative medicine for cancer, diabetes, neurodegeneration, osteoarthritis, and other conditions related to aging.

Dr. Bosarge currently serves as CEO of Black Beret Life Sciences. Dr. Marc S. Penn, MD, PhD, FACC, a leading physician scientist and entrepreneur, serves as President and Chief Medical and Science Officer and leads a team of over 20 researchers specializing in diverse medical disciplines. As President, Dr. Penn oversees the life science investments of the Bosarge Family Office in the areas of regenerative medicine, anti-aging and immune therapy. Black Beret Life Sciences supports a number of institutions, including MD Anderson and Rutgers University. 

Black Beret Life Sciences is also actively working to expedite FDA approval of safe and effective cellular therapies in the U.S.  As part of this effort, Dr. Bosarge contributed to the Bipartisan Policy Center’s July 2015 report, Advancing Medical Innovation for a Healthier America. The report, which included a recommendation on advancing regenerative cellular therapies, proposed a series of viable legislative actions that Congress could take to help streamline the process by which safe and effective medical products are developed and delivered to patients. With cellular therapy holding enormous promise for future cures and treatments, Black Beret Life Sciences is committed to doing what it can to help the field reach its full medical potential by creating a more efficient regulatory framework in the U.S. 

Black Beret Life Sciences is owned by a family trust and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. 


Petrodome Energy, LLC, is an oil and gas exploration and production company founded by Dr. Bosarge in 2009. Owned by the family trusts, the company is headquartered in Houston and is actively engaged in acquiring and developing deep 3D seismic and AVO technology-based prospects. The company also applies the latest advanced technology to enhance exploration success, mainly in the lower Gulf Coast areas of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. 

Dr. Bosarge serves as CEO of Petrodome. Since its inception, the company has participated in more than 75 drill-ready projects, and is the operator of seven fields and a non-operator in many others. Recently, the company used its knowledge of horizontal drilling to increase oil production at the Bloomington field in Victoria County, Texas, from 10 barrels per day to around 275 barrels per day. Petrodome is currently in the process of drilling and completing a dozen new wells, which it plans to have in production by the end of 2017. 


A former remote fishing outpost, Over Yonder Cay caught Dr. Bosarge’s eye in 2008, while he was sailing his yacht Tenacious in the Exumas, a 120-mile-long chain of remote islands in the Bahamas. Dr. Bosarge immediately recognized the Cay’s potential as both an exclusive luxury hideaway and an environmental showcase. Since then he has dedicated himself to creating the first fully “green” island on the planet, and to that end has transformed Over Yonder Cay into a unique eco-friendly haven for travelers seeking authentic and sustainable barefoot luxury.

Tucked away on Over Yonder Cay’s 72 acres are four unique villas, each of which sleeps six to eight guests and features stunning architectural design. Visitors are pampered by a dedicated staff of 40 and enjoy a variety of luxury amenities, including a chef who prepares meals primarily sourced from local fresh fish caught on the reefs that surround the Cay. In addition, the Cay offers yoga, tennis, volleyball, various watersports, a gym, a nine-hole par-three golf course, and a 12-seat theater. Guests can also charter the Tenacious—Dr. Bosarge’s 115-foot sloop, which is berthed in the Cay’s marina.

Renewable energy from three wind turbines and a solar field of 1,400 photovoltaic panels provides 96 percent of the island’s power needs. During the winter months, strong winds produce more energy than is needed for the resort, so the excess is used to power a Reverse Osmosis desalination system that purifies sea water, which is stored in large underground cisterns and used for drinking, irrigation, and other needs. The island’s system produces so much drinking water that Over Yonder Cay will soon begin exporting remineralized bottled water under the brand name WindWater™.  Dr. Bosarge hopes that Over Yonder Cay will serve as a model for similarly off-the-grid locales in areas like the Caribbean looking to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. He is already working with authorities in Haiti and Puerto Rico to share his eco-friendly model.

Over Yonder Cay is owned by a family trust.

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An avid mariner, Dr. Bosarge has been sailing since he was a young boy. Today, the Bosarge family has three world-class superyachts owned by family trusts. The superyachts are available for charter by travelers looking for the ultimate luxury sailing experience. 

A 115-foot Ted Hood-designed sloop, Tenacious sleeps eight, features alfresco and fine dining options, and is equipped with a film projector, sea kayaks, water skis, wakeboards and tows, wake-skates, snorkeling gear, and fishing gear. She is available for charter in the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, and further afield in the Caribbean, as well as for regattas, where she is a regular on the circuit. The Tenacious is berthed in the marina at Over Yonder Cay and can also be chartered by guests on the island. 
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The idea for Marie was first born in 2007, when Dr. Bosarge sketched his initial ideas for a custom-built boat that combined the classic lines of yachts from the 1920s with the modern comforts of today’s superyachts. Working with a team of preeminent ship designers and builders including Vitters, Hoek Design, David Easton, Nigel Ingram, and Fraser Yachts, he created the 180-foot Marie

Since Marie’s launch in 2010, Dr. Bosarge has sailed and raced the yacht extensively throughout the world. The Marie sleeps up to 10 guests, and offers numerous deck and outside areas for entertaining, dining, and lounging. Down below, Marie has a split-level main salon for formal dining and features a Steinway Baby Grand Piano. Marie also offers snorkeling, rendezvous diving, waterskiing, wakeboarding, fishing, kayaking, and sea scooters, as well as a crow's nest lift that operates hydraulically and can take two guests 123 feet up the main mast for a bird's-eye view.

Marie is well-known on the superyacht racing circuit, competing in various New England, Caribbean, and European Regattas. She won her Class three races in a row at the 2015 Superyacht Cup in Palma, Mallorca, and was named Overall Winner of the Superyacht Cup in 2015.

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Dr. Bosarge also owns and charters the P2, a luxurious 125-foot superyacht built by Perini Navi in 2008. This fast sailing yacht, which was designed by Philippe Briand, sleeps six and offers a variety of amenities, including a 16-foot Castoldi jet tender, paddleboards, fishing gear, snorkeling gear, massage table, and workout equipment. The yacht is available for charter in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.

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