The Bosarge Family Foundation was established in August 2010 to manage a diverse range of charities and programs supported by Dr. Bosarge and his family. As a family, the Bosarges are committed to improving people’s lives through advancements in healthcare and education, and support a number of local charities in Houston and Maine. The family trust also loans fine art and historical artifacts, which have included an Egyptian mummy, dinosaur bones, antique firearms, and WWII aircraft to several museums.  

The charities and organizations supported by the Bosarge Family Foundation include the following.

Life Sciences & Health

Education & Public Policy

Renewable Energy & Environmental Science

Cultural Patronage & Historic Preservation


Fueled by his keen interest in military history, Dr. Bosarge co-founded The Texas Flying Legends Museum in November 2010. Dr. Bosarge envisioned a center that would teach children for generations to come about the virtue, pride, and valor of America’s “Greatest Generation” – the men and women who fought for our country during the Second World War.

Since its opening, The Texas Flying Legends Museum has welcomed more than 10,000 visitors. The museum is located in Houston and displays 13 rare WWII aircraft that were donated by the Bosarge Family Foundation. Many of these “warbirds,” including a P-40 fighter, a Corsair fighter, a B-25 bomber, a P- 51 Mustang and, rarest of all, a Japanese Zero fighter, are flown at airshows around the country.

Visit TexasFlyingLegends.org

TFLM aboard with SY Marie at St Barth 2015

Club Areonautique de Saint Barthelemy with TFLM 2015


The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is one of the country’s youngest botanical gardens, but it has quickly established itself as a top destination for visitors from Maine and across the U.S. By 2009, just two years after its opening, the gardens’ rapid growth and popularity had led to the need for additional indoor space. As a significant contributor to the gardens, Dr. Bosarge proposed a challenge to build a “net zero energy” building.

Working with the gardens’ sustainability team, Dr. Bosarge aimed to create a center that would effectively work as an active teaching tool, showcasing that net zero energy buildings are possible and practical, even in a colder climate like that of Maine. Through an integrated design process, a building was created that showcases how a structure can draw energy from the sun, use natural materials, harness daylight, and capture and reuse rainwater. 

The Bosarge Family Education Center, which opened in 2011, exemplifies the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens’ commitment to environmental sustainability and fulfills its mission to protect, preserve and enhance the botanical heritage and natural landscape of coastal Maine through horticulture, education and research. 

The LEED Platinum certified building is a model of sustainability and is the first Net Zero public building in Maine. It earned the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association's Zero Net Energy Building Award in 2013, and the 2012 American Institute of Architects - Vermont Excellence in Architecture Design Awards.  The center has also been featured in two books, The New Net Zero by William MaClay, and Net Zero Energy Buildings by Linda Reeder. 

The Bosarge Family Education Center has been transformational to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens and has played a key role in their ability to grow and offer high quality educational programming. Since 2012, the center has offered 757 education programs to over 17,000 students.