Life Sciences

A passionate believer in the power of regenerative medicine to not only treat disease but also to cure it, Dr. Bosarge launched Black Beret Life Sciences, LLC in 2014 to invest in game-changing biotechnology innovations.



Since its inception, Black Beret Life Sciences has funded research for treatments based on regenerative medicine for cancer, diabetes, neurodegeneration, osteoarthritis, and other conditions related to aging.

Dr. Bosarge currently serves as Founder and Chairman of Black Beret Life Sciences. Dr. Marc S. Penn, MD, PhD, FACC, a leading physician scientist and entrepreneur, serves as CEO and Chief Medical and Science Officer and leads a team of over 20 researchers specializing in diverse medical disciplines. As CEO, Dr. Penn oversees the life science investments of the Bosarge Family Office in the areas of regenerative medicine, anti-aging and immune therapy. Black Beret Life Sciences supports research at a number of institutions, including MD Anderson Cancer Center and Rutgers University, as well as manages and/or invests in the following:

Tissue Genesis, LLC – A leader in the field of isolation of fat (adipose) derived stem cells that are present in the lipoaspirate obtained during routine liposuction of fat deposits. The company’s lead commercial product, the Icellator, is a fully automated system for the isolation of the stromal vascular fraction within the extracted fat tissue that contains mesenchymal stem cells, endothelial progenitor cells and endothelial cells. The stromal vascular fraction has been used to treat heart failure, critical limb ischemia, erectile dysfunction and incontinence as well as for tissue sculpting in plastic, and reconstructive surgery. Visit Tissue Genesis, LLC.

Affigen, LLC – The Company develops tumor-identifying therapeutics that target cell lineage-specific tumor proteins in certain incurable cancers.  Affigen's team houses deep expertise in immuno-oncology, mass-personalized biomolecular engineering and complex therapeutic development.  Affigen is working to deliver a new class of therapeutics that maximize both anti-tumor activity and safety for patients with critically unmet medical needs. Visit Affigen.

Advanced Regen Medical Technologies, LLC – Dedicated to making advances in the rejuvenation of stem cells from elderly patients, the company focuses on the association between aging and the loss of our body’s stem cell function. This loss of stem cell function is believed to be, in part, the reason for increased risk of infection and cancer in the elderly. The technology being developed at Advanced Regen has demonstrated that the loss of stem cell function with aging can be reversed through exposure of elderly stem cells to molecular signals released by stem cells from younger individuals.

Applied Photon Medical Technologies, Inc. – When cells in our body divide they release a photon of light. The increased metabolic activity of cancer cells results in the greater release of light photons compared to normal cells. Applied Photon is developing technology to develop a novel imaging diagnostic strategy for the identification of tumor, and a similarly novel tumor treatment strategy using electromechanical frequencies.

Okyanos Operating Company, Ltd. – A state of the art regenerative medicine treatment facility in Freeport Bahamas, Okyanos offers patients treatment of chronic cardiac, neurologic, and orthopedic conditions using adipose derived stem cells as the platform of its treatment strategy. Okyanos is the basis of Black Beret’s development of an international stem cell treatment network based on patient safety and transparency to further the global development of the field of regenerative medicine. Visit Okyanos Operating Company, Ltd.

Diasome Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Patients with Type I diabetes are at risk of morbidity and mortality due to low blood sugar levels. Diasome is a clinical stage company developing novel therapies to enhance blood sugar control without putting the patient at risk for low blood sugars.  The company is also developing novel strategies for the prevention and treatment of Type II diabetes. Visit Diasome Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Black Beret Life Sciences is also actively working to expedite FDA approval of safe and effective cellular therapies in the U.S.  As part of this effort, Dr. Bosarge contributed to the Bipartisan Policy Center’s July 2015 report, Advancing Medical Innovation for a Healthier America. The report, which included a recommendation on advancing regenerative cellular therapies, proposed a series of viable legislative actions that Congress could take to help streamline the process by which safe and effective medical products are developed and delivered to patients. With cellular therapy holding enormous promise for future cures and treatments, Black Beret Life Sciences is committed to doing what it can to help the field reach its full medical potential by creating a more efficient regulatory framework in the U.S. 

Black Beret Life Sciences, LLC is owned by a family trust and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.