About Bosarge Family Office

Capital Technologies, Inc., doing business as The Bosarge Family Office, supports the administration, management, investment and philanthropy of the Bosarge family.

The Bosarge Family Foundation was created in 2010 and directs philanthropic support for a number of artistic, cultural, and historical institutions as well as educational, medical and environmental organizations. A devoted and energetic philanthropist, Dr. Bosarge’s activities cover a broad and diverse spectrum from supporting the renovation and preservation of historical buildings and landmarks, to constructing sustainable community improvements, and advancing local art and music programs. As a proud American, Dr. Bosarge provided the initial support and funding of the WWII warbird collection of the Texas Flying Legends Museum and the Red Tail “Rise Above” Mobile Exhibition and Educational Tour, which honors war veterans and their history.

Our goal is to be a loyal and kind family that acts with sincere integrity and a wholehearted commitment to preserve the Bosarge legacy for generations to come.