About Dr. Bosarge

Dr. W. E. “Ed” Bosarge is a world-renowned pioneer in the application of advanced mathematics to the fields of finance, medicine, and energy. Over the course of a remarkable career that has so far spanned more than six decades, he has developed innovative yet practical solutions to an exceptionally varied array of scientific and financial problems, while at the same time creating a number of successful businesses with global scope and influence.

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About Bosarge Family Office

The Bosarge Family Office supports the administration, management, investment, and philanthropy of the family, with the aim of preserving its legacy for generations to come. Our family is at the heart of the Bosarge Family Office. Our goal is to be an open, loving, loyal, and kind family that acts with sincere integrity and wholehearted commitment to uphold the Bosarge legacy and to safely steward the Bosarge family’s wealth for this and future generations.

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